Mahsun Carwash Broom Super

Compared to MAHSUN CARWASH BROOM (20111), MAHSUN CARWASH BROOM-SUPER has longer hairs on the brush, which makes washing easier and helps the washing detergent make better foam. The brush hairs are made of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) and are so soft and delicate that its hairs do not scratch car paint. In case water is needed to be in current at the same time, an especial entrance is installed in the front part of MAHSUN CARWASH BROOM-SUPER to be attached to water source. It is marketed without handle and is attachable to MAHSUN GENERAL HANDLEs (20020). The packages are 30.5cm L x 28cm W x 33cm H containing 12 each.


Code 20137