Mahsun Cleaning Cart

MAHSUN CLEANING CART is designed for transporting bucket, wringer and all other cleaning tools in big centers. It is suitable for hospitals, airports, train stations, terminals, hotels, malls and shopping centers, factories, offices, residential and office towers, restaurants, etc.

The body and shelves of MAHSUN CLEANING CART are made of reinforced polyethylene, which makes it lasting and durable. The smooth wheels provide easy maneuverability. A plastic waterproof bag is installed in the back of it for collecting and transporting trash. It is lock-and-go plastic bag on a moving handle with easy grips, which will make the transportation in small elevators possible. Assembled MAHSUN CLEANING CART is 98cm L x 50cm W x 113cm H, while packages are 89cm L x 25cm W x 55cm H containing 1 each, in which fittings, wheels, and product assembly drawing are included.

*MAHSUN presents the COMPLETE CLEANING SET (20108), including tools for floor and window cleaning, whisking and dusting, collecting and transporting trash, buckets and wringers, etc. as a complete cleaning set.


Code 10018