Double Bucket With Wringer

MAHSUN DOUBLE BUCKET WITH WRINGER is designed to have clean and dirty water separately while cleaning floors in hospitals, airports, drain stations, terminals, hotels, malls and shopping centers, factories, offices, residential and office towers, restaurants, etc.

MAHSUN DOUB LE BUCKET WITH WRINGER has aplastic wringer made of reinforced polyethylene suitable for wringing MAHSUN MICROFIBER CLIP MOP (20206) and MAHSUN COTTON CLIP MOP (20206) and MAHSUN COTTON CLIP MOP (20041). It has high efficiency in office spaces and reduces water consumption at the same time, while the smooth wheels’ movement eliminates noise. It has two separate buckets containing 30 liters each and the assembled dimension is 87cm L x 82cm W x 42cm H. Packages are 74cm L x 44cm W x 66cm H containing 1 each.


Code 10037