Mahsun General Handle 120cm

Almost all MAHSUN products (mops, polishers, squeegees, brooms and brushes), which are sold without handles, can be attached to MAHSUN GENERAL HANDLEs [120cm], which are made of resistant iron sheets and have Universal plastic screws and are all coated with electrostatic paint.

Electrostatic Painting System, which is also known as powder coating, is a new method in which painting is done through a magnetic field and with especial paint, which gives a smooth and flawless painted surface at the end. The color is first prepared and then sprayed over the surface which will end in an anti-corrosive and anti-scratch surface MAHSUN GENERAL HANDLEs [120cm] are the most common MAHSUN handles matching MAHSUN cleaning products and are marketed in different colors. Packages are 129cm L x 16cm W x 9cm H containing 24 each.

Code 20020