(Mahsun Cotton Wide Mop (30CM, 40CM, 50CM

MAHSUN COTTON WIDE MOP is the traditional wide mop with a beautiful appearance and resistant structure, in which cotton and polyester fibers are used to improve the cleaning process. MAHSUN COTTON WIDE MOP is designed and marketed in three different sizes: 30cm (20102), 40cm (20103), and 50cm (20104). The mop head is attached to a metal handle of 120cm with bolts. The metal body and handle are covered with anti-corrosion electrostatic paint. Refills (30cm: 20084, 40cm: 20085, 50cm: 20086are available, too. The packages are 127cm L x 30.5cm W x 15cm H for 30cm mop head containing 12 each, 127cm L x 31.3cm W x 17.6cm H for 40cm mop head containing 12 each, and 127cm L x 33cm W x 21cm H for 50cm mop head containing 6 each.

Code 20104-20103-201025