Mahsun Microfiber Super Pad

MAHSUN MICROFIBER SUPER PAD is a 24cm x 40cm piece, which is packed in packages of 1 in a variety of colors. MAHSUN MICROFIBER SUPER PAD is made of to layers of microfiber cloths with a sponge middle layer, which gives the capacity of absorbing water up to 7 times its weight. The sponge layer prevents the two layers to be in touch with each other. Hence, MAHSUN MICROFIBER SUPER PAD is the best choice for drying surfaces and collecting water and other liquids off the surfaces. Different colors of them ease the separation of the cloths used in different parts of house or office. Packages are 27cm L x 20.5cm W x 25.5cm H containing 24 each.

*In case you need to know more about what microfiber is, more information is available on the packages rear side.

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