Mahsun Nanofiber Cloth

MAHSUN NANOFIBER CLOTH is the new generation of MAHSUN microfiber cloths. The towel texture has changed to micro Chanel, which results in more water absorbing. In fact, it is number one in water absorbing compared to other types of cloths. It can absorb water up to 9 times its weight. The new production method has make it an exceptionally applicable and useful product which with having all the microfiber features has more common and efficient application for cleaning, dusting, drying, etc.

MAHSUN NANOFIBER CLOTH is a 35cm x 35cm piece, which is packed in packages of 2 in a variety of colors to ease the separation of the cloths used in different parts of house or office. Packages are 34.4cm L x 20.6cm W x 36.2cm H containing 48 each.

Code 20142