Mahsun Super Microfiber Cloth

MAHSUN SUPER MICROFIBER CLOTH is a new product for the fans who assumed that MAHSUN MICROFIBER CLOTH (20109) is the best, and nothing better can be made.

MAHSUN SUPER MICROFIBER CLOTH has microfiber texture on one side and a thicker texture with longer far on the other side. It has made the cloth heavier, although the water absorbing and cleaning features are doubled. A wonderful feature of MAHSUN SUPER MICROFIBER CLOTH is that it can clean dirt and greasy stains off the surfaces without applying any detergents or cleaning liquids and last but not least only rinsing it with water will leave no stain or trace of any contaminants!!

MAHSUN SUPER MICROFIBER CLOTH is a 32cm x 32cm piece, which is packed in packages of 2 in a variety of colors to ease the separation of the cloths used in different parts of house or office. Packages are 35.4cm L x 24.7cm W x 41cm H containing 48 each.

*In case you need to know more about what microfiber is, more information is available on the packages rear side.


Code 20165