Mahsun Telescopic Handles

Some MAHSUN products (mops, polishers, squeegees, brooms and brushes), which are sold without hands, can be attached to MAHSUN TELESCOPIC HANDLEs, which are made of resistant iron sheets and have Universal plastic screws and are all coated with electrostatic paint.

Electrostatic Painting System, which is also known as powder coating, is a new method in which painting is done through a magnetic field and with especial paint, which gives a smooth and flawless painted surface at the end. The color is first prepared and then sprayed over the surface, which will end in an anti-corrosive and anti-scratch surface. MAHSUN TELESCOPIC HANDLEs are used for reaching out-of-reach points. They are made in two sizes, one 140 centimeter long (20161) and the other one 240 centimeter long (20162). MAHSUN TELESCOPIC HANDLEs have two sets of locking systems, internal lock which is the main locking system and another external lock, which is a secondary locking system, each of which are adjustable individually and make adjustment possible. Package are 99.5cm L x 15.2cm W x 11.5cm H containing 12 each for MAHSUN TELESCOPIC HANDLE [140cm] (20161) and 137cm L x 15.5cm W x 11.8cm H containing 12 each for MAHSUN TELESCOPIC HANDLE [240cm] (20162).


Code 20161-20162