About Mahsun

Clard Amol Co., manufacturer of Mahsun cleaning and hygiene products, with more than 25 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying modern cleaning goods is one of the largest manufacturers of these products in the country and owns one of the most complete collection of cleaning items in the Middle East.

By applying the technical knowledge of the day, the company is proud of producing goods with the highest quality and consequently, claiming the title of ‘Top Entrepreneur of The Country’ in the 2nd Sheikh Bahai Technopreneurship Festival.

The manufacturing plants of this company have been constructed at a site area of approximately 7000 square meters situated 25 kilometers East of Tehran in the vicinity of Pardis Technology Park. This complex is comprised of factories specialized in Molding, Repair and Maintenance, Plastic Injection, Brush Making, Metalworking, Cutting and Sewing Halls, Pipe Making Lines, Montage and Packaging Halls, and several minor halls that made it possible for Mahsun products to be independently manufactured from start to finish in the Clard Amol Company’s factories.

A Team of Dreamers and Manufacturers

Mahsun’s team of conceivers, designers, and engineers that are based in the heart of Tehran has been pursuing the designing, manufacturing, and supplying of efficient, elegant, and yet simple products in the cleaning sector for years with the aim of creating a pleasant, clean, and peaceful space in the house, surrounding space, and work place.

Mahsun Company’s Business Culture

Our slogan is “Cleaning is easy with Mahsun’s wares”. This is not just an advertising slogan; rather, it is a one-line and meaningful formula in our organization. Meaning that everyone in the Mahsun’s complex must act in a way that our slogan becomes realizable and tangible in the end. In the manufacturing department, utilizing the finest raw materials and technical knowledge combined with top planning lead to the manufacturing of a quality product. In the sales support, executive, and financial departments, providing on-time services and being responsive to the vendors, distributers, and even consumers of the Mahsun products can create a sense of security and peace within the vendors of our products throughout the country and naturally, this feeling will be passed on to the final consumer through this chain of distribution to turn the apparently difficult job of cleaning is into an easy and pleasant occasion

Mahsunians are not just a work family with more than two hundred direct personnel. Rather, it is a large and cordial complex consisting of the family members of all these beloved personnel as well. In each department of the Mahsun complex there is a friendly and safe space that is at the same time, full of healthy competition. Our directors in various departments are among our old and competent coworkers that have grown in the business and educational space of our complex during the past continuous years and now, they are involved with the supervision and training of newer forces. Considering the long-term plans and the flourishing moves that the Mahsun complex has put at the top of the list of their activities, there are hopes and ambitions flowing in entire company for developing and improving their career. So much so that Mahsun’s directors are already thinking of attracting and training talented forces for the future, as well as strengthening the personnel structure.